Message from the Department Head

The Sociology department at UNCG is a special place.

We care about our students and community.

We are driven to make meaningful contributions to our academic fields of study.

We value diversity and live it every day.

We are teacher-scholars.

We are UNCG Sociology.

To say that I am optimistic about the future of Sociology at UNCG is a real understatement.  Consider the following:

We have a floor full of enthusiastic teachers and well-known scholars with an exciting array of intellectual interests.

We are hiring even more professors this academic year to better serve our students and make further impact on the discipline of sociology and on our communities.

We have recently embarked upon a reflexive visioning process that will help guide us through the next several years.  A central part of this endeavor is developing new mission, vision, and value statements.

We are exploring curricular and program changes to make sure our courses and programs are responsive to the changing needs of our students and communities.

Our undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in important academic and community endeavors through internships, research, and several other forms of applied sociology.

In sum, we are moving forward in very positive and exciting ways.

I invite you to contact me with any questions or concerns about UNCG Sociology.  We are here to serve.

David Kauzlarich, Ph.D.

Professor & Head of Sociology, UNCG