Mission Statement & Values

UNCG Sociology Mission Statement

UNCG Sociology serves undergraduate and graduate students, the College & University, the academy, and our communities through teaching, scholarship, mentorship, outreach, and active citizenship.  We put sociology to work to solve problems, educate students and the public, raise critical questions, and create freer intellectual spaces.  Grounded in an appreciation of the complexity, variety, and necessity of sociological inquiry, we are teacher-scholars driven to advance the promise of sociology at every level and in every context.

UNCG Sociology Values

Diversity, openness, and inclusion:  We welcome and respect differences in identity, social status, perspective, and lived experience.

Intellectual curiosity:  We use sociological inquiry to empower students to think critically and to cultivate a healthy respect for empirical evidence.

Social justice:  We investigate how power and inequality permeate social relations, social structure, and culture.

Community Engagement & Service: We value putting sociology to work as a tool to make positive social change.

-Unanimously approved by the Sociology Faculty on October 30, 2017.