Sociology at UNCG

Sociology provides for a multidimensional understanding of an unlimited number of subjects in society including crime, social & criminal justice, family, gender, race & ethnicity, class, natural and man-made disasters, music, social inequality, housing & communities, immigration, the environment, globalization, social movements and education.  UNCG sociologists put sociology to work to both answer and raise questions on these topics and many more.  We are engaged teacher-scholars committed to advancing sociological analysis in the classroom, scholarly literature, and community.  In our department, you will find theorists, methodologists, and scholars with a variety of substantive interests as well as faculty with impressive international and national reputations for their research, teaching, and service.  We are committed to furthering the reach and impact of our work to better understand contemporary and historical social problems and issues.

Recent News

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson meets with UNCG Sociology graduate students

Public intellectual and scholar-activist Professor Michael Eric Dyson spent time with UNCG Sociology graduate students during his recent visit to campus.

UNCG Sociology hosts Duke University Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva

As part of the invigorated department colloquium, the UNCG Department of Sociology hosted Professor Eduardo Bonilla-Silva for a visit and talk on…

Dr. Tad Skotnicki on social problems

Dr. Skotnicki presents on social problems as part of the UNCG Sociology Department’s brown bag lunch talks.

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- Alumni Stories -

Jenni Maxson Ford, MA ’06

While finishing my MA thesis, I was transferred to Singapore as part of my job at the Center for Creative Leadership. I…

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- Community Engagement -

Dr. Stephen Sills’ Work Featured in UNCG Research Magazine

Verna Torain has lived in east Greensboro’s Cottage Grove neighborhood for more than 25 years. When she first moved to the community, many…

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