Faculty & Staff

Sahan Savas Karatasli

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University

Office: Graham 318
Email: skaratasli@uncg.edu

Research Interests:

My broad research areas are global sociology, theory, comparative-historical sociology and international political economy with the following thematic foci:

  • Global Waves of Nationalism and Nationalist Mobilization
  • Globalization, Financialization and Global Inequality
  • Global Social Protest and Labor Unrest
  • Historical Capitalism and Geopolitics

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Curriculum Vitae: Click here to download.

Teaching Philosophy

As a sociologist and teacher, my task is not merely to prepare students for success in twenty-first-century professions, but also to help students become thoughtful global citizens with critical minds. In order to fulfill this task, in the courses I design and teach, I make a conscious effort to help students relate the substantive content of the course not only to their lives but also to social problems and various challenges before creating peaceful, just and prosperous societies in the world. My teaching philosophy has three main pillars: (1) empowerment through development of creative expression, critical thinking and dialogue, (2) integrative and multidisciplinary teaching, (3) developing curricula that address not only students’ particular needs but also general challenges facing our world.

Selected Publications

Karatasli, S. S. (2018) “Global Waves of Secessionism in the West, 1492-Present”, in Albert Bergesen and Christian Suter (ed). Return of Geopolitics. (New York: LitVerlag).

Karatasli, S. S. and Kumral S. (2018) “Great Convergence or the Third Great Divergence?: Changes in Global Distribution of Wealth, 1500-2008”, in Immanuel Wallerstein and Patricio Korzeniewicz (ed.) Global Commodity Chains, Social Inequalities and Social Movements. New York: Routledge

Karatasli, S. S.  (2017) “The Capitalist World-Economy in the Longue Durée: Changing Modes of the Global Distribution of Wealth”. Sociology of Development 3(2):163-96.

  • Winner, Distinguished Publication Award, Political Economy of the World-Systems Section of the American Sociological Association.
  • Honorable Mention, 2017 Best Faculty Article Award, Sociology of Development Section of the American Sociological Association

Karatasli, S. S. & Kumral, S. (2017) “Territorial Contradictions of the Rise of China” Journal of World Systems Research 23(1): 5-35

Karatasli, S. S; Kumral, S; Pasciuti, D. & Silver, B. J. (2017) “World Hegemonies and Global Inequalities”, in Vladimir Popov & Piotr Dutkiewicz (ed.) The Rest Beyond the West: New World Order in the XXI Century. (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

Karatasli, S. S. (2016) “From Communal Patriotism to City-State Chauvinism: The Crisis of the Fourteenth Century and the Transformation of Collective Identities in Northern Italy, 1000-1500”, International Journal of Politics, Culture and Society 29(1): 73-101

Karatasli, S. S. (2015) The Origins of Turkey’s ‘Heterodox’ Transition to Neoliberalism: The Özal Decade and Beyond, Journal of World Systems Research 21(2):387-416

Silver, B. J & Karatasli, S. S. (2015). “Historical Dynamics of Capitalism and Labor Movements”, in Della Porta, Donatella and Diani, Mario (ed). Oxford Handbook of Social Movements, Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp.133-144

Karatasli, S. S.; Kumral, S.; Scully, B.; Upadhyay, S. (2015).  “Class, Crisis, and the 2011 Protest Wave: Cyclical and Secular Trends in Global Labor Unrest “, in Immanuel Wallerstein, Christopher Chase-Dunn and Christian Suter (eds). Overcoming Global Inequalities, pp.184-200. New York: Paradigm.