Faculty & Staff

Cindy Brooks Dollar

Assistant Professor
PhD, North Carolina State University, 2014

Email: cbdollar@uncg.edu

Brooks Dollar CV

Research and Teaching Interests

Sociology of Crime, Deviance, and Social Control

Criminological Theory

Sex-Gender and Race-Ethnic Inequalities

Personal Statement

My research interests are diverse but all of my work identifies links between and/or explains patterns of “deviance,” social control, and power inequalities. As a teacher, I have three primary goals: (1) inform students about how sociological knowledge is created, (2) promote student engagement in learning and (3) encourage critical thinking and writing.  I organize my classes in a way that introduces students to historical and contemporary scholarship and emphasizes the value of sociological theory and research methods.

Selected professional achievements

Peer-Reviewed Publications (*=graduate student coauthor)

Ray, Bradley and Cindy Brooks Dollar. Forthcoming. “Procedural Justice and Compliance inProblem-Solving Courts.”  In Contextualizing Compliance: Individual Motivations, Social Processes and Institutional Design, edited by S. Siddiki, T. Heikkila, and S Espinosa. New York: Routledge.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2018. “Criminalization and Drug ‘Wars’ or Medicalization and Health ‘Epidemics’: How Race, Class, and Neoliberal Politics Influence Drug Laws.” Critical Criminology 26(3). DOI: 10.1007/s10612-018-9398-7.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks and Joshua Hendrix. 2018. “I’m Not a Traditional Woman:” Tranquilizer Misuse as Self-Medication Among Adult Women” American Behavioral Scientist 62(9): 1-39.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks, Bradley Ray, Mary Kay Hudson, and Brittany J. Hood*. 2018. “Examining Changes in Procedural Justice and Their Influence on Problem-Solving Court Outcomes.” Behavioral Sciences & the Law 36(1): 32-45.

Hendrix, Joshua and Cindy Brooks Dollar. 2017. “American Slaughterhouses and the Need for Speed: An Examination of the Meatpacking-Methamphetamine Hypothesis” Organization & Environment 30(2) 1-19.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks, Patricia McCall, Kenneth Land, and Joshua Fink*. 2017 “Age Structure and Neighborhood Homicide: A Test and Elaboration of the Differential Institutional Engagement Hypothesis.”  Homicide Studies 21(3): 1-24.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2017. “Does the Use of Binary Indicators Reify Difference and Inequality?” Women’s Studies International Forum 61(2): 9–13.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2017. “Sex Ratios, Single Motherhood, and Gendered Structural Relations: Examining Female-Headed Families across Racial-Ethnic Populations.” Sociological Focus.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2015. “Sex Ratio Effects on Marital Formation and Dissolution, 1980-2000.” Sociological Inquiry 85(4): 556-575.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks and Joshua Hendrix.  2015. “The Importance of Romantic and Work Relations on Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use Among Adults.” Sociological Spectrum 35(5): 465-481.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks and Bradley Ray. 2015. “The Practice of Reintegrative Shaming in Mental Health Court.” Criminal Justice Policy Review, Special Issue on Restorative Justice and Community Corrections 26(1): 29-44.

Ray, Bradley and Cindy Brooks Dollar. 2014. “Exploring Stigmatization and Stigma Management in Mental Health Court: Assessing Modified Labeling Theory in a New Context.” Sociological Forum 29(3): 720-735.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2014. “Conceptual Remixing in Criminology:  Tracing Durkheim and Marx’s Influence on Etiological Theories of Crime.” Sociology Compass 8(10): 1157-1166.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks. 2014. “Racial Threat Theory: Assessing the Evidence, Requesting Redesign.” Journal of Criminology DOI: 10.1155/2014/983026.

Ray, Bradley and Cindy Brooks Dollar. 2013. “Examining Mental Health Court Completion: A Focal Concerns Perspective.”  The Sociological Quarterly 54(4): 647-699.

Dollar, Cindy Brooks and Bradley Ray. 2013. “Adult Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use:  An Examination of Bond Theory.”  Deviant Behavior 34(11): 932-949.

McCall, Patricia L., Kenneth C. Land, Cindy Brooks Dollar, Karen F. Parker. 2013. “The Age Structure-Crime Rate Relationship: Solving a Long-Standing Puzzle.”  Journal of Quantitative Criminology 29(2): 167-190.

Anderson, Alecia D., Andrea N. Hunt, Rachel E. Powell, Cindy Brooks Dollar. 2013. “Student Perceptions of Teaching Transparency.” The Journal of Effective Teaching 13(2): 38-47.

Ray, Bradley, Cindy Brooks Dollar and Kelly Thames. 2011. “Mental Health Courts as Reintegrative Shaming.” International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 34: 49-55.

Peer Reviewer

Social Problems; Social Science Research; Law and Society Review; Sociological Inquiry; Homicide Studies; Crime, Law and Social Change; Criminal Justice & Behavior; Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health; Critical Criminology; Criminal Justice Policy Review; Population Research and Policy Review; Journal of Criminal Justice; International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction; Children and Youth Services Review; European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, Journal of Global Research in Education and Social Science; Journal of Basic and Applied Research International; Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control (Sage Publishing textbook 2015, 2017); Applied Analytical Methods Survival Guide (Kendall Hunt Publishing textbook 2017); Deviant Behavior (Taylor and Francis textbook 2017); Civil Court Responses to Intimate Partner Violence (Cognella textbook proposal 2018); Insiders, Outsiders, Hiders, & Drifters: A General Theory of Deviance Management (University of California Press 2018)

Teaching Experience


Introduction to Sociology (traditional and distance learning)

Current Social Problems (traditional and distance learning)

Sociology of Deviant Behavior (traditional and distance learning)

Introduction to Data Analysis

Criminal Justice


Drugs & U.S. Society

School-level Racial Composition and Health (Honor’s independent study)

Social and Demographic Correlates of School Shootings (Honor’s independent study)

Attorney Perceptions of Judicial Discretion (Honor’s independent study)


Criminology Seminar

Advanced Data Analysis

Social Control Seminar

Racialization and Gendering of Athletic Bodies (independent study)

Racial Disparities in Sentencing Among Women Defendants (independent study)

Double Stigmas: Mental Health Concerns among African Americans (independent study)

Social Media Portrayals of Black American Women (independent study)

Slave Patrols and the Origin of American Police (independent study)