Faculty & Staff

Arielle T. Kuperberg

Associate Professor
PhD, University of Pennsylvania 2010

Office: 333 Graham
Phone: 336-334-9768
Email: atkuperb@uncg.edu

Personal Website

Research Interests:

  • Romantic Partnerships, Especially Cohabitation, Marriage, and College Hookups and Dates
  • Work, Gender and Family
  • Education and Family

Personal Narrative:

My research investigates romantic relationships and the intersections of education, work, family and gender. My past research has examined how behavior changes when cohabiters get married, whether cohabitation is related to divorce, where students meet hookup and date partners and how meeting contexts influence risk-taking, selection into various types of relationships (dates, hookups, long-term relationships) in college, educational differences in marriage and childbearing, stay-at-home mothers, and gender and racial inequality in pay. In addition to ongoing studies on cohabitation, hooking up, and relationship norms, I am currently examining how student loans impact the transition to adulthood among young adults. In my research I generally use quantitative data analysis techniques to analyze large surveys, and draw upon demographic and feminist research methods.

At UNCG I teach courses on Data Analysis at the undergraduate and graduate levels, Marriage and the Family, Population Problems, and Work and Gender. In my courses I emphasize practical research skills.

Selected Professional Achievements:

Kuperberg, Arielle and Rachael Allison. Forthcoming 2018. “Gender and Hooking Up” in Handbook of the Sociology of Gender, 2nd Edition eds. Barbara Risman, Carissa Froyum, William Scarborough. Springer Press.

Kuperberg, Arielle and Joseph E. Padgett*. 2017. “Partner Meeting Contexts and Risky Activity During College Students’ Other-Sex and Same-Sex Hookups.” The Journal of Sex Research, 54(1): 55-72.

Kuperberg, Arielle and Joseph E. Padgett*. 2016. “The Role of Culture in Explaining College Student’s Selection into Hookups, Dates, and Long-Term Romantic Relationships.” Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 33(8): 1070-1096.

Kuperberg, Arielle and Joseph E. Padgett. 2015. “Dating and Hooking up in College; Meeting Contexts, Sex, and Variation by Gender, Partner’s Gender and Class Standing” The Journal of Sex Research, 52(5): 517-531.

Kuperberg, Arielle. 2014. “Age at Coresidence, Premarital Cohabitation and Marriage Dissolution: 1985-2009” Journal of Marriage and Family, 76(2): 352-369.

Kuperberg, Arielle. 2012. “Reassessing Differences in Work and Income in Cohabitation and Marriage” Journal of Marriage and Family, 74(4): 688-707.

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