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Dr. Shelly Brown-Jeffy Recognized with Faculty Champion Award

Faculty Champions

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Faculty Champions of Student Success, the Division of Enrollment Management’s newest way to recognize those committed to supporting UNCG students and their academic success. The 2017-2018 Faculty Champions are:

Randall Penfield
Regina McCoy
Robert Brad Johnson
Shelly Brown-Jeffy
Susan Andreatta
Tuisha Fernandes
Vidya Gargeya
Wade Maki

Dr. Shelly Brown-Jeffy is in the Sociology Department. She was nominated by Emily Wiersma and has been a long-standing partner for the Keker First Common Read and has continually supported first-year students both in and out of the classroom. She has even incorporated the Keker First Year Common Read book into courses where the book is not required, and for courses for upperclassmen. In past years, she has served as resource for faculty looking to incorporate the text into their teaching and has even hosted past author’s during the class visit.

Carola Dwyer
Celia Hooper
Christine Flood
Eloise Hassell
Jeanette Arlacón
Jeff Colbert
Jewell Cooper

John Kiss
John Sopper
Kathy Williams
Maura Heyn
Maureen Allen
McRae Banks
Michael Flannery
Peter Alexander