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UNCG Sociology faculty members and graduate students participate in the 2021 American Society of Criminology meeting in Chicago

UNCG Sociology professors Drs. Cindy Brooks Dollar, Gwen Hunnicutt, and David Kauzlarich each presented research at the ASC meeting in November. Dr. Dollar shared findings on her ongoing study of psychedelic drugs users, Professor Hunnicutt discussed non-human violence and its relationship to human violence, and Dr. Kauzlarich participated in panels on neoliberalism in higher education and crimes of the powerful.

Dr. Hunnicutt                                              Dr. Dollar

Two recently graduated UNCG Sociology master’s students also presented their scholarship at the conference, Ena Prskalo (now a doctoral student at the University of Kentucky) and Elizabeth Carter Moberly (Elon University instructor).

Ena Prskalo & Dr. Kauzlarich                   Elizabeth Carter Moberly

Current master’s student Kristen Catoe shared findings from her master’s thesis, a study of Convict Criminologists and how they navigate stigma in graduate school and academe more generally.

Kristen Catoe

Current and former UNCG graduate students with Dr. Kauzlarich

(l-r) Dr. Kauzlarich, Elizabeth Carter Moberly, Ena Prskalo, Kristen Catoe, and Kelly Childress