Faculty & Staff

Ting Wang

Assistant Professor
PhD of Sociology. University of Kentucky, 2018; PhD of Economics, Zhejiang University, 2013

Office: 320 Graham

Email: t_wang5@uncg.edu

Personal Website: DrTingWang.com

Research Interests:

  • criminology, criminal justice, cross-national criminology
  • women and gender studies
  • quantitative methods, demography, social network analysis

Personal Narrative: 

My research approach combines both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to delve into gender disparities in criminal offending, victimization, and the processes within the criminal justice system across the United States, China, and the global landscape.

Beyond my primary research focus, I am presently engaged in multifaceted studies. These include examining family dynamics, investigating shifts in political trust stemming from the pandemic, and addressing the concerning issue of hate crimes against Asian Americans during this critical period.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Wang, T. & Dollar, C.B. (2023) “Testing Mismatch Liberation Theory Across Race-Ethnicity and Gender,”  In B.L. Russell (Ed.) Perceptions of Female Offenders (Vol.2). Springer.
  • Wang, T. (2021) “Mismatched Liberation Theory: A Comparative Method to Explain Increasing Female Crime Share in the United States,” Feminist Criminology 16(5): 547–582.
  • Wang, T. (2020) “Fewer Women Doing More Crime: How has the One-child Policy Affected Female Crime in China?” The Sociological Quarterly 61(1): 87-106.
  • Wang, T. & Stamatel, J.P. (2019) “Cross-national Differences in Female Offending and Criminal Justice Processing,” International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 43(3): 219-239