Shelly Brown-Jeffy

Shelly Brown-Jeffy

BA., Sociology, University of Maryland Eastern Shore
MA, Ph.D., Sociology, University of Michigan
Phone (336) 334-3692
Fax  (336) 334-5283

Research and Teaching interests

  • Quantitative methods
  • Social inequalities  race, class and gender
  • Sociology of Education
  • Race and Ethnic relations

Personal Statement

My research journey began with a broad question:  Where does inequality originate and how does it influence quality of life for individuals and groups? My interest in racial/ethnic inequality and socioeconomic disadvantage is evident in my teaching in research. The goal of my research is to examine and understand differences in educational outcomes among racial/ethnic/socioeconomic groups.  In teaching, I help others understand that our social world structures our social reality.

Selected professional achievements

  • Critical race theory as theoretical framework and analysis tool for population health research. Critical Public Health, 21(1), 61-93. (2011)  (with L, Graham, R. Aronson, and C. Stephens)
  • Toward a conceptual framework of culturally relevant pedagogy: An overview of the conceptual and theoretical literature. Teacher Education Quarterly, 38(1), 65-84. (2011). (with J. Cooper)
  • “Parent Involved in Community Schools v. Seattle District No. 1” and “Brown v. Board of Education Topeka Kansas and Brown II” in K. Lomotey (Ed.). The Encyclopedia of African American Education. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. (2009)
  •  Desegregation vs. Segregation:  Does it have to be one vs. the other? The Center for Research on African American Women Journal, 7(1), 34-41. (2008).
  • University Teaching Excellence Award, University of North Carolina Greensboro(2007-2008)
  • Course curriculum material included in publication of Classroom Activities for Introductory Sociology Courses (2007)
  • The race gap in high school reading achievement: Why School racial composition still matters. Race, Gender & Class, 13(3-4), 268-294. (2006).
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