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Spring 2020: Ashby Dialogue Series on “Capitalism without Democracy?”

Various spring 2020 dates | 12:00 PM
Graham 307

In Spring 2020, the Ashby Dialogue Series will host a series of talks collectively titled “Capitalism without Democracy? Reflections on New Authoritarianism.” The talks kick off Friday, January 24th and extend throughout the semester. Click here to download a flyer.

All talks take place in Graham 307 from 12 PM – 1:30 PM. The series includes talks by five UNCG sociology professors. They are highlighted below in gold.

1/24 – Tad Skotnicki (Sociology, UNCG) and Kelly Nielsen (Sociology, UC Merced), “No Future: Alienation as Futurelessness in an Era of Financial Capitalism.”

2/3 – Corey Johnson (Geography, UNCG) “Geographies of Nationalism and Populism”

2/10 – John Stehlin (Geography, UNCG) “From Automotive Authoritarianism to the Biopolitics of Ubiquitous Mobility”

2/24 – Sefika Kumral (Sociology, UNCG) “Crisis and Right-Wing Populism in the Global South: The Cases of India and Turkey”

3/9 – Jeff Jones (History, UNCG) “Socialism for the 21″ Century”

3/20 – Jonah Birch (Sociology, Appalachian State) “Ethno-Nationalism and the Ena of Class Politics: Explaining the Rise of Europe’s Far Right Parties in an Age of Crisis and Austerity”

3/23 – Sahan Karatasli (Sociology, UNCG) “Capitalism, Nationalism, and Authoritarianism: A World Historical Perspective”

3/30 – Zachary Levenson (Sociology, UNCG) “As Above, So Below: Revanchist Populism as a Cross-Class Project”

4/13 – Sarah Daynes (Sociology, UNCG) “A Politics of Utopia for Our Time”

4/20 Quinn Slobodian (History, Wellesley) “Authoritarian Capitalism in the Zone”