Master of Arts Alumni

Michael Wright

Michael Wright  BA in Sociology, 2009 When I enrolled at UNCG, I initially sought the business administration track, hoping to […]

Tina Long Spach, MA ’01

I received my M.A. in Sociology in 2001. My thesis, “Case Study in West Macedonia,” covered urban renewal in a […]

Linda Carroll, BA ’96 and MA ’03

Linda Warden Carroll holds a BA in English and Sociology and an MA in Sociology from The University of North […]

Joyce Clapp, MA ’08

After finishing her MA, Joyce participated in the GTCC Faculty in Training Program and then returned to work for the […]

Steven O’Boyle, MA ’98

In the graduate program in Sociology at UNCG my research focus was on symbolic interactionism and the sociology of sport. […]

Samantha Ammons, MA ’00

After I completed my MA degree at UNCG, I earned my PhD at the University of Minnesota. I’m currently an […]

Koji Ueno, MA ’98

After leaving UNCG with an MA in Sociology, Koji went to Vanderbilt University to pursue a PhD in Sociology, which […]

Eric Fong, MA ’86

I graduated from UNCG with an MA in Sociology in 1985/86 and went to the University of Chicago for my […]

Wanda Rushing, MA ’81

After completing her MA in sociology at UNCG, Wanda entered the PhD program at the University of Tennessee where she […]

Matthew Hodler, MA ’09

I completed comprehensive exams in spring 2012 and am now a PhD candidate in the Department of Health and Sport […]

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