Tim Bullard, BA ’97, MA ’00

My path to UNCG’s Sociology Department was a little different than most.  I entered UNCG as a transfer student from NC State.  I had taken about 3 years off after completing only 2 full years at NC State and was working a full-time job with the City of Greensboro.  I wanted to finish my degree but had no idea what to take or even how to pursue it.  I ended up in an Intro to Sociology course taught by Paul Luebke during my second semester and I was hooked.  I had never really approached the world from a sociological perspective.  I began to see the world as a much more complex and interesting place.

As I came close to finishing my undergraduate degree, I realized that I still had a lot to learn and I enjoyed the academic pursuit.  I was accepted into the Master’s program and did my thesis work with Saundra Westervelt, Bill Markham, and David Mitchell.  I will always remember that experience as one of the most challenging and fulfilling of my life.  I learned more about research methodology, analysis and writing than I thought possible. These are skills that I carry into my daily work today.

Since that time, I have changed careers from a police officer to owning my own financial advising business – Bullard Investment Management.  After graduation, I worked for 10 years as a financial advisor and then branch manager for a local Morgan Stanley office.  An opportunity arose for me to partner with a well-known national investment firm to open an independently owned office.  I have been in business for myself now for just over 2 years.

After turning 40 years old, I got into personal fitness in a big way.  I have run marathons and Iron Man triathlons.  I recently competed in a NPC body building show for men’s physique.  It is my goal to show people that they need to seek financial fitness just as rigorously as they might pursue personal fitness.  I live in Kernersville, NC with my wife and son.