Kirsten Kinne, BA ’10

After college, I did about a year and a half of working in Alaska and travelling around the US on a bunch of road trips. It was great to be exposed to so much, but incredibly exhausting. So I settled back down in my much-loved hometown of Cincinnati, OH, and got ridiculously lucky through some old connections to get an amazing job. I’m a Producer at Epipheo ( On the surface, we make 90 second cartoon advertisements for the internet. We work with huge companies like facebook and Google, and a bunch of small techy start-ups. Below that, though, we’re looking into ways to communicate important messages to the world, about everything from the Palestinian/Israeli issue, to modern day slavery, to the national debt, and personal debt/haves vs have nots. So I think back to a LOT of things that you taught me, and I am incredibly, ridiculously, inexplicably grateful for all the knowledge you passed down to me. I knew I wasn’t studying something that would help me directly in a career (although it actually is!), but something that would shape my world view and make me a better person/citizen in the world. If not for that, I wouldn’t be able to bring an educated, unique viewpoint to the table when my company talks about certain issues and video ideas.