Dru Simmons, BA 11

My intent with getting the Sociology degree was to pursue a career in law enforcement, with the ultimate goal of being a Federal Agent. After UNCG, I made some unsuccessful attempts to get into local police departments but had no luck. As fate would have it, I networked my way into a job with a company called Bausch-Linnemann North America.  It is the North American site of a German based company that makes paper laminates used to line the interiors of kitchen cabinetry and to cover the surfaces of ready-to-assemble furniture.

A Sociology education has proven its worth in my ability to analyze statistics and think critically.  I have to run numbers on various parts of my job daily and am required to think critically about problem solving when coordinating things for an international company.  Training to think abstractly about abstract things lends itself to thinking abstractly about concrete things