Breann Cox

Since graduating UNCG, I have been working for Walmart’s home office in Bentonville, AR.  I started out in Recruiting and made my way to Talent Development.  A lot of people get confused when they hear “Talent Development,” but really it’s just the department that puts together the training content for every position.  Recently, I was promoted to a Project Manager and am working on developing compliance training for the rest of the company.  It’s a lot of looking at data and group populations and figuring out which way they will learn a particular training module the best.

I’m also active in the community, volunteering with the children’s museum and a couple of different nonprofits I learned about through Walmart. Next year I plan on going back to school to receive my MBA from the Sam Walton Graduate School of Business, and other than that, I travel a lot to Kansas City, Dallas, and Memphis.

One thing that I think current Soc majors should know is that because I have a degree in Sociology, I have the ability to understand groups and their dynamics, which is what every organization is made up of.  It’s a great selling point.  I’m able to look at data, find patterns, and then organize that information into a visually and verbally convincing presentation.  Who can resist? 🙂